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More Rave Reviews
for Larry's "Romantic" Wedding Ceremony!

Thank you in many languages Thank you! to all the couples and wedding vendors who have chosen to say great things about my "romantic" wedding ceremony! I am honored to be of service to you all. Obviously we think we are the best, but don't take our word for it! Listen to what our brides and grooms are saying. - Larry James

•    •    •

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "I can't thank you enough for all that you've done. Everyone I spoke with after the wedding just loved your service. I kept hearing "I felt inspired" and "it really touched me". That is exactly what we wanted. It is nice to know that due to your beautiful service, our friends and family will always remember it. You left an impression on me years ago when I first heard you, and even then I knew if I ever got remarried, I wouldn't want anyone to perform it but you. The first time I heard your service, it moved me, it made me think about all the wonderful things that Damian and I share and I how much he means to me.

My girlfriends, Sadie, Gwen & Ali attended, and neither one of their husbands was able to accompany them. They sat next to each other, and when you mentioned holding a hand of a loved one or friend, they told me that they grabbed each other's hands in friendship, it was so nice to hear that your words moved them, as they seem to have moved most of our guests, and that's exactly what I wanted. My grandmother felt at ease all night long, my aunts and uncles just loved your words. I look forward to hearing more comments from my friends and family as well.

You truly made this day special, memorable and more than I could have ever hoped for. I never understood what it meant to have a "perfect" wedding, but during and after the service, I finally understood what it meant to me. How special the day was, and even now, your words still linger in my brain as I'm sure they will for the next few days.

I will never, EVER forget my wedding day because you put that special touch into it. Even now as I write this email, I can't help but smile because you truly made it wonderful. Thank you again for all that you've done, I will never forget you or the great gift of your beautiful wedding ceremony. I do hope I see you again at the Boojum Tree. And if I know of anyone who is thinking of getting married, your name will always be mentioned." - Charlene & Damian Tate

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Working with you is is a pleasant treat. Every time I hear your words of wisdom to brides and grooms, it makes me want to call my wife and tell her I love her. I look forward to our next wedding!" - Tony Laub, DJ, Professional Entertainer - (Sound Pro Entertainment)

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "When planning a wedding it seems as if everything you choose is the best of the best until the actual day and everything starts to unfold before your eyes. We can definitely say that you did truly live up to your every word and action for that day as promised. The ceremony started right on time, and it was delivered in a manner that had everyone asking us "How did you find the officiant?" "I loved what he had to say!" You had everyone's attention and kept it short and sweet. You are very personable and open minded. We really enjoyed your style! Thank You for making our day as special as you did. For those looking for an Officiant who's the "best of the best," look no further. We took a gamble and won BIG!" - Melissa & Henry Rodriquez   -  Visit the Rodriquez Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry James' professionalism, years of experience and kind heart will leave you feeling confident and in good hands. Larry's attention to detail coupled with his talent for making each ceremony uniquely special is a gift. Larry James brings peace of mind, experience and joy to each ceremony he performs. Long after the wedding day has passed, Larry continues to provide you with ways to celebrate your love year after year." - Wendy & Joe Ciancio   -  Visit the Ciancio Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "I've been to so many weddings where the ceremony seemed to be for everyone but the couple and BORING. Larry really made our ceremony personal to us. His ability to capture the romance and add humor to the day gave us a day to remember forever. We had so many friends and family comment on how different and memorable our wedding was to any other they'd been to. I'd recommend Larry for anyone who wants more than your average wedding. Thanks Larry!" - Cheryl & Fred Moshiri   -  Visit the Moshiri Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you for performing our ceremony. It has almost been a year since we got married and friends and family are still talking about the ceremony that you did. Lot of compliments and people were pretty amazed how special it was because they were used to the traditional ceremony and had never seen anything like this before. Thank you for giving us a beautiful day. Something that will never be forgotten." - Ilise & Curtis Coghill   -  Visit the Coghill Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "One part of our wedding that went very well was our selection of Larry James as our officiant.  He took the time to meet us prior to the big day to help us prepare the vows for our wedding.  And he delivered wonderfully on the big day.   What a relief.   He is a very considerate person and he loves what he does for a living.  It showed at our wedding day and we greatly appreciated that." - Staci & Jay Feretto   -  Visit the Feretto Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you so much for reciting such a beautiful ceremony, and all the positive reinforcement you have given us. We received quite a few compliments from our guests on how wonderful you were to everyone. We couldn't have done it without you. It was a pleasure having you as our Minister. God bless you in all your future endeavors. We'll keep in touch." Love, Terri & Ed Strle   -  Visit the Strle Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Sally and I thank you, Larry, for sharing our Big Day with us. I think we all had fun, and truly appreciate your professionalism and gentle humor in keeping the whole event running smoothly. We enjoyed your gentle way of taking charge of the ceremony once you knew how we wanted it, the flexibility of customizing our ceremony made it even more special and personal.

Your messages and philosophies were well received, as it's apparent you care about what you do, and those you do it for. Sally and I enjoyed how you blended in with the fun at the reception. It was, indeed, a Celebration of Love. Thanks again for bringing the perfect atmosphere to the entire event. A great person, a good friend, and a trusted professional, we're glad you were there. - Sally & Donnie Mather   -  Visit the Mather Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you again for officiating our ceremony. I loved the flexibility you gave to us in what we wanted to say. Brent and I found it was a great combination of spiritual and traditional sentiments, with a splash of humor! The photographer said it was one of the smoothest ceremonies he's seen... and he's seen a lot! Even some of the minor hiccups were endearing.

You did a great job, You were on time, organized, and patient. The sand ceremony turned out better than expected. (the sand in the glass jar is evenly distributed... thanks to you turning it around). Your ceremony was romantic and delivered in such a way that was clearly heard by all. Having you celebrate with us at our wedding was a true delight!" - Amanda & Brent Vermilion   -  Visit the Vermilion Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "We would highly recommend Larry James as an officiant for any wedding. He is creative, professional, funny, sensitive and anything else that you may want him to be. He customizes the ceremony to fit your style and personality. All of our guests loved him! He truly made our wedding special." - Jeanne & Larry Grossman   -  Visit the Grossman Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "We can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did helping us throughout the planning and the big day. You did so much to add to the enjoyment of the moment. We will always remember the warm way you joined our family to celebrate our day of commitment." - Annette & Tom Callahan   -  Visit the Callahan Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry James was an amazing officiant for our wedding! He helped make our ceremony very unique by working with us to customize what we wanted for our ceremony. The ceremony was very spiritual and uplifting and we loved the humor within it as it is a nervous time for all at the alter! Larry made us comfortable and at ease.

We had many positive comments from our friends and family who attended our wedding about how beautiful and inspirational the words and vows were and that they very much enjoyed them. This was very special to us, not only were these words special to us, but those that shared the day with us. It is exactly what we wanted for our wedding day!" - Simone & Dale Skjerseth   -  Visit the Skjerseth Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . ."Larry James is very passionate about his ceremonies. I knew that within the first few minutes upon meeting him. What a relief to have such a gifted man to perform our ceremony. His eye for details made our wedding even more special. We were truely blessed to have Larry there for us every step of the way. Thank you. God Bless" - Julie & Jeff Szubinski   -  Visit the Szubinski Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry's wedding ceremony was one of the best, most beautiful and well-written ceremonies. It touches not only your heart but reminds your guests what marriage is all about. He relates his ceremony to 'real world' experiences, has such a great voice and is very professional in all aspects of his work. We were thoroughly impressed." - Kristy & Todd Harrington   -  Visit the Harrington Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry, thanks so much for delivering such a beautiful wedding ceremony for us. The personal touches you added, combined with your relaxed style made for a truly special day. We especially liked your humor, sensitivity and the warmth of your message delivery. We have received rave reviews from our guests, and requests for the reading you provided at the end. In addition to our ceremony, we appreciate you participating in our 'wedding weekend.' It was a truly special and extremely fun event!" - Cherie & Jeff Gores   -  Visit the Gores Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "We really appreciated your ceremony services. You made the day effortless yet perfect. We had no worries about anything because of your assuredness and presence. We were truly grateful for finding you and we know it was heaven sent. Thanks again for the PERFECT wedding and we hope to have you for our 10 year 'renewal of vows!'" - Robynn & Robert Lee   -  Visit the Lee Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "We waited a long time to find each other and then 4 more years for our wedding day. We are so glad we waited for you to cross our path, because the ceremony would not have been the same without you. Although it was the happiest day of both of our lives, you added your extra special touch and all of our family and friends thought you were fantastic. They had never seen anyone take your approach to a ceremony like you did. Thank you so much, we will remember our day forever." - Kim & Brian Glowen   -  Visit the Glowen Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We just wanted to thank you for performing our ceremony. Wow! What fun we had! We have had so many comments about how "fun" it was. It was definitely not your typical wedding! We also appreciate the pictures you posted in our gallery. They really are beautiful. Thank you for helping make our special day... extra special! We knew from the moment we met you, that you were an awesome guy!!! Thank you!" - Gina & Steve Murdough   -  Visit the Murdough Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so very much for making our wedding day so special and meaningful! All of our family and friends thought you were terrific and totally enjoyed the beautiful ceremony! We've been to many weddings and we truly believe your ceremony tops them all! You can tell that you've had years of experience as a relationship coach and wedding performer. We are so happy that we chose you and are thankful that you were available at such short notice! Thanks to you. . . our day was complete! You're a great guy! Everything was perfect!! We would certainly recommend you again! - Debbie & Roz Broussard   -  Visit the Broussard Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thanks so much for being a part of our wedding. Everything came out perfectly. We really liked the ceremony that you provided for us and we especially liked how we were able to customize it to our particular needs. Your help with the timing of everything and coaching us along was invaluable. Both of us, and our families, really enjoyed your company at the reception. - Cindy & Wes Biery   -  Visit the Biery Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We have had so many compliments on what great ceremony we had and that they have never seen anything so romantic. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas, beautiful ceremony, and giving it the perfect romantic touch that most ceremony's are missing, (when that should be the focus). Thank you so much for everything you have included as well - the ceremony written out on parchment paper is such a great memoir to have and we are enjoying (your surprise) as well. God has definitely given you a gift, thank you for sharing it with us. The wedding of our dreams would not have been possible without you. Thank you so much. - LeAnna & Brian LeBlanc   -  Visit the LeBlanc Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We just wanted to thank you for performing the ceremony at our wedding. It was perfect; exactly what we wanted. Finding the right minister is the one thing both of us were most worried about when planning the wedding. But you were great and our families loved the ceremony as well. So thank you so much for being part of our wedding day. - Amy & Dwight Sutherland   -  Visit the Sutherland Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Those are some awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing! We had an absolute blast, thank you for your services and for being a part of our day, we will never forget it! - Kari & Brian Sullivan   -  Visit the Sullivan Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry, we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the wonderful ceremony you performed for us. It was like you custom made it just for us, and many of our guests commented on this afterward. Thank you again for helping make one of the best days of our lives even better. - Sharra & Chad Carstens   -  Visit the Carstens Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for the awesome ceremony that you provided us with. We have gotten so many compliments from relatives and friends on what a beautiful ceremony it was. So many people commented on the sand ceremony. It turned out perfect! Thank you! - Stacey & Jason Kendler   -  Visit the Kendler Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We want to thank you so much. We greatly appreciate all that you have done for us. We will recommend you to everyone that we know that is planning a wedding. You made a day that is usually very stressful into a day that made Tony and I very relaxed and calm. Thanks again! - Kristen & Anthony Holtz   -  Visit the Holtz Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you for everything! You really helped to make our day extra special. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and we couldn't have asked for more. - Michelle & Jeffrey Treguboff   -  Visit the Treguboff Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Kevin and I cannot thank you enough for lovely ceremony you performed at our wedding. It was so unique and everyone got a kick out of the touches of humor. It was exactly what I had envisioned for our wedding - lighthearted but thoughtful. - Erin & Kevin German   -  Visit the German Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Everyone loved the ceremony and complimented the uniqueness of it. We enjoyed the depth and thoughtfullnes of the ceremony and the fact that Larry was flexible allowing us to make changes. Larry James did a great job with assisting during the early stages of the event and brought a sense of calm when things started to become hectic. He spoke with the audience during a time when we were running behind and assured everyone that all was well. The sand ceremony is a "must" for anyone that is bringing children into the marriage. The sand ceremony was one of the most talked about events of the evening. - Theresa & Ryan Thuyns   -  Visit the Thuyns Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thanks again for marrying us. You really set the mood for our big day and it was just perfect. We have gotten so many compliments on the ceremony too. I knew the moment I met you over a year and a half ago, you were the perfect person to join David and I in marriage. Thanks so much!" - Victoria & David Sargent   -  Visit the Sargent Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Our ceremony would not have been the same without Larry James! He was a fundamental part of how special our day was and provided such a beautiful ceremony that it was continually commented on by our guests directly to Chris and I throughout the evening! Heart-felt, beautiful, and full of grace, with the perfect amount of humor made our ceremony a delight to listen to and to be a part of. Thank you, Larry! Our memories began with you. - Gina & Chris Jalovec   -  Visit the Jalovec Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding such a great day! We also want to thank you for the wonderful (surprise)!! We are enjoying it together. - Kim & Joe Dufek   -  Visit the Dufek Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . You helped make our wedding day very special with your expertise, patience, gentle sense of humor and kindness. From the day that I contacted you I felt very comfortable with you. Your voice soothed me and I always felt that you truly cared.

The day we met you to discuss the ceremony, you were much more than the officiant, you became a friend. You wanted to know Ed and me, not just perform a wedding ceremony. You wanted to know how we met, and find out about our families.

The day of our wedding, you were awesome. You knew we had small children involved in the wedding party, and you were the one that told me to not worry, everything would be ok. You were there for last minute questions that a bride always seems to have.

You talked to Ed and kept him calm. The ceremony was beautiful. You prompted us when we needed it in order for the entire ceremony to go smoothly. We were very pleased that you stayed with us to help us celebrate.

Larry you truly are a friend to us and we will always be very grateful that I discovered your website. And we look forward to seeing you again at Jason and Stacey's wedding on February 26.   -  Visit the Kendler Photo Gallery - Clara & Ed Kendler

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We were amazed and truly flattered by the beautiful wedding ceremony you performed for us. Not only were we impressed, but many of our guests remarked what a great job you did. We were already thankful for your participation in marrying us, but then, the pictures you took were great. You went the extra mile, and then some, to make our day very special indeed. Thank you. - Kerry and Ed Jacobs   -  Visit the Jacobs Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for making our ceremony so special. You did an absolutely "fabulous" wedding for us. It was everything we dreamed of and beyond! Each person that left the reception commented on our whole ceremony (especially the Blending of the Family Ceremony with Sand). - Lisa & Jerry Fletcher   -  Visit the Fletcher Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . I wanted to take this time to express my appreciation for such a heartfelt and loving ceremony for Jessica and Stefan. I appreciate the time that you took to customize a ceremony especially for them. I look forward to working with you in the near future. - K.T. Thompson, Catering Sales Manager - Caleo Resort & Spa

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for making our day so memorable. Your ceremony made it such a romantic and meaningful day. The unity candle with the children was a huge hit! We keep receiving compliments on the ceremony from all of our friends and family. We will recommend you to all of our friends and family that get married. Thank you again for everything. - Jessica & Stefan Gamlin   -  Visit the Gamlin Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony. The compliments that have been said are amazing. Of course, you usually here this from women, but there were lots of comments from men! The Photo Gallery is so nice since we do not get out pictures for about 10 days. I have already sent the website to my Mom and Dad and to the rest of my family that could not be here. Thank you so much. Great job!!!!! We will never forget it! - Jackie & Mike   -  Visit the McGuire Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We would love to thank you so much for the perfect ceremony for us. It was just the right words and the right length. We received so many compliments on what you had to say about love, marriage and commitment. Our ceremony was definitely unique! It was " Lovely" as the Irish love to say (we are on our honeymoon in Ireland). Thank you so much. Many blessings. - Name Withheld by Request

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . What a wonderful celebration it was! I sincerely thank you Larry for making our special day so memorable by helping us create a truly personalized ceremony; one that will be remembered warmly by all of our family and friends. Both of our moms, Susan & Lucille, as well as our boys thoroughly enjoyed conversation with you during dinner & your insightful thoughts on a variety of topics. I will honestly recommend your services to anyone looking for a minister for their wedding. You did a great job!! Our sincerest thanks. - Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rogers   -  Visit the Rogers Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for making our ceremony something to remember. We have received so many compliments! - Alysia and Jon Naumann   -  Visit the Naumann Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for making our day so special. We got so many compliments on your vows. Everyone thought you did a great job!! We really appreciate you being there with us. We saw the pictures on your website. They are great! Thank you for taking such great pictures. - Gina & Rob Villamar   -  Visit the Villamar Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . I have attended quite a few weddings in the past several months and your ceremony is the first one that I really enjoyed listening to the words. Excellent. Great job! - Jeff Berger, Father of the Bride   -  Visit the Kirshner Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thanks for creating and performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony! We have received so many comments from family and friends about how they loved the words and meaning of our ceremony. Thanks for helping us find a way to incorporate the memory of Alyssa's dad into the ceremony - I think everyone lost it when you mentioned his prescence there. It was great working with you Larry! - Alyssa and Jason Zabloudil   -  Visit the Zabloudil Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you, Larry, for the wonderful ceremony! Everything went perfectly and we couldn't have been more pleased! The blending of the sands ceremony was a hit with our guests, and nice for us too with a lifelong keepsake! We would recommend you to anyone, and already have - Tim's cousin is getting married in the next year or two, so expect another call! - Nikki and Tim Townsend   -  Visit the Townsend Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry, the ceremony was wonderful and was definitely a hit with our friends and family in the audience. We had several guests, including Mary's Mother, come up to us and say that your ceremony was the best they have ever seen. Your desire to work with us on the contents of the ceremony was evident and appreciated. We also greatly appreciated your calming words and advice during the ceremony. Thank you for your part in our perfect day! - Mary and Tim Gabbert   -  Visit the Gabbert Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry, you did a great job. It was a beautiful ceremony and the Blending of the Family ceremony came out really good. Thank you also for calming us both down and making it easy for us to go through the ceremony. We really appreciated your sense of humor too! Thank you so much. - Aimee and John Berry   -  Visit the Berry Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for working with us and making everything flow so smoothly. It was a lovely day and we're delighted with our ceremony. Cagri and I appreciate all you've done to guide us through the most important day of our lives. - Cindy and Cagri Bagcioglu   -  Visit the Bagcioglu Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for the copy of our ceremony. We really appreciate it and were so glad you were a part of our special day. The whole day was wonderful. Thank you for everything and we have some great pictures to show you. - Lisa & David Polosky   -  Visit the Polosky Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony. The vows were very special to us, the day was perfect and we're glad you were there. We enjoyed your company (at the reception) and greatly appreciate your time. - Jackie and Larry Boughter   -  Visit the Boughter Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry and I would like to thank you so much for performing our ceremony. It was absolutely beautiful. . . despite our lovely interruptions from our children. Sandy's Wedding Garden was just perfect as it captured the intimacy we were looking for. Thank you again for everything. - Christine and Larry   -  Visit the Black Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We thought the ceremony was one of the most unique and most entertaining! We have gotten lots of feedback from our guests that they thought you were very meaningful, caring and had a great ceremony. We were very pleased upon meeting you, and as you will remember we chose you to be our Officiant upon meeting you. We will keep you as a very important contact for our love & marriage! We are available to recommend you at any time. - Monica and Howard Fleischmann   -  Visit the Fleischmann Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you again so much for such a wonderful ceremony! Our family and friends are still talking about the beautiful words said in the ceremony... including my dad's comment about American Express! Our ceremony fit us perfectly. Everything from me tripping walking down the aisle to Rob dropping the ring and the Unity candle blowing out. We laughed and cried. Thank you for helping make our day special!! We will recommend you to anyone who asks... and those who don't as well!! - Brittany and Rob Brown   -  Visit the Brown Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you for your kind generosity and making us feel so special on the most important day of our life. You are truly a man with a mission to lead couples down the path of "Celebrating Love!" We will always remember this day not just because it is our wedding day, but also for who performed the ceremony. - Denise and Hasan Garrett   -  Visit the Garrett Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We wanted to tell you that you did a wonderful job on the ceremony! We can't tell you how many times we have heard that the ceremony was terrific and so meaningful, not the everyday routine of ceremonies. Everyone loved it. Thank you again! - Stacey and Mark Leggiere   -  Visit the Leggiere Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Great ceremony, Larry. Thank you for being a part of our special day in Rocky Point! - Sara & Kirk Krause   -  Visit the Krause Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We would like to extend our sincere thanks for performing such a beautiful ceremony. It was everything we'd hoped for. Thanks to you for allowing us to customize it the way we wanted to. Thank you for everything! We look forward to seeing you at friends' weddings whom we've recommended to you. - Marcy & Matthew DeBoer   -  Visit the DeBoer Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry James made our wedding ceremony so beautiful and memorable! He was the one who told us about the Blending of the Sands which was wonderful. The whole ceremony had so many things in it that will be helpful in making our relationship last for our lifetime and that made a lot of our guests think about their relationships. We have gotten so many compliments on it! We felt like we had known Larry for a long time rather than just a few weeks. Thank you very much. - Lorry & Kirby Biddlecome   -  Visit the Biddlecome Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We just wanted to thank you for being willing to work with us at our wedding. We are so glad we got to share it with you. We definitely enjoyed our time with you and consider your information extremely helpful. - Stephanie & Mike Botar

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Jay and I want to thank you for everything. From the moment I talked to you on the phone and the first meeting Jay and I had with you, we knew that having you marry us was fate. Thank you for the providing a beautiful ceremony. We have heard many compliments from some guests attending the ceremony. We look forward to a long friendship with you. Take care and as you say, "Celebrate Love!" - Pam and Jay Woodruff

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Our wedding was wonderful! We couldn't have done it without Larry. He helped with every aspect of the process. From the planning stages to writing and performing the ceremony that included Denise's daughter. - Kevin and Denise Goode   -  Visit the Goode Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry, we just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful ceremony! You did an amazing job on very short notice! Most every girl dreams of getting married from a very young age, of what her groom will be like, flowers, and of course what she will be wearing. It seems that little girls dream of everything except what the minister will be saying! As they grow they realize that a wedding is more than the outward appearances, but of the love that is shared between two people. A wedding is when you become one with someone, and one of the most wonderful events in your life! The words that you spoke at our wedding were so perfect for us and really encouraged not only John and myself but everyone that attended our wedding! Thank you again for helping in creating a day that will always be in our memories. - Love, Linda and John Abram   -  Visit the Abram Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry James was very pleasant to work with. He was easy going and versatile, which on a wedding day is a necessity. He asked how we wanted things done and took charge from there. His leadership helped relax us both on our big day. The ceremony was beautiful. For a moment, the world seemed to stop and it was only us reciting our vows. We will remember it forever. - Inna & Tony Novey   -  Visit the Novey Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We couldn't have envisioned a more beautiful ceremony. Larry gave us some great ideas that helped to make our wedding day just perfect. We especially enjoyed the lighting of the unity candle and the wonderful ideas he had for including our daughter in the ceremony. But most importantly, we were just so impressed with how Larry was so enthusiastic and excited to be a part of our special day. - Caryn & Kenny Grimm   -  Visit the Grimm Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Tarra and I were extremely pleased with Larry during the wedding and for all events prior. He did an incredible job making me feel at ease on the big day. His ceremony was incredible. Tarra and I got many compliments on it and on Larry specifically. We feel he was a big reason why our wedding was an incredible success. Larry is a wonderful person who helped make our wedding perfect. He was professional and a joy to work with. We would happliy recommend him for anyone's wedding. - Tarra & Tom Kabler   -  Visit the Kabler Photo Gallery

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Stephanie and I deeply appreciate the thoughtful, kind and sincere way you presented our wedding ceremony. Thank you for being a part of our special day. It was so beautiful. - Stephanie & Steven Filipowicz   -  Visit the Filipowicz Photo Gallery

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