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with Relationship Speaker/Author/Coach...
Larry James

Ideas for Renewing Your Vows!
Larry James

Time has gone by and you are now deciding to pause and reflect on your time together in the years that have passed since your wedding day. It is an opportunity to reaffirm the tremendous love that has deepened with the passing of years.

This ceremony will be a symbol of looking forward to many more years together. Your vows will reflect a mature love blessed with all the joys and challenges of the years. It will reflect what you have become in your years together. It is a fun way to rejuvenate your marriage and to begin your relationship again.

Some call this ceremony a "renewal of wedding vows," a "recommitment of Love" ceremony or a "reaffirmation of Love" ceremony. Whatever you choose to call it, it is a most meaningful event, for you, your children, family and close friends.

There are many options. You can do something similar to what you did when you first got married or you can come up with something completely different and meaningful to you now. You may want to choose to speak some new promises to each other. The ceremony can be as creative or as simple as you want it to be; formal or casual and fun. It isn't supposed to be a re-enactment of your wedding day, but a celebration of the growth and depth of your relationship.

There are no rules when it comes to this kind of ceremony. There is no correct or incorrect way to do a vow renewal, whatever you want to do and feel comfortable doing is what you should do.

Renewing your wedding vows should be a truly joyous occasion. If you have you been married for 5, 10, 25, 30, or 50 years or more it is a truly amazing accomplishment; a time to Celebrate Love. There is no set time. If it feels right, do it! If you have survived love's challenges together, it is a happy ocassion to rededicate your lives and love to one another.

Make it a family affair. Include the children and grandchildren. It is an important event for you, as well as for them. This is a very special event and sets a terrific example.

Although it is customary for the husband to escort the bride down the aisle, you could have the elder teenage boy walk mom down the aisle. Your daughter may be your maid of honor, or have all the grandchildren go down the aisle before you - boys ringing hand bells and girls sprinkling flower petals.

Walk down the aisle to classical music and walk out to "your song." Let the cover of your invitation feature your grandchild's favorite drawing of Grandma and Grandpa or even your first wedding portrait. Play your original wedding video at your reception. Buy new wedding rings for the occasion and have them specially engraved.

Some families create exhibits or displays honoring the couple. This could include photographs taken on their wedding day, a copy of their wedding license, a photo of their first home, family snapshots and scrapbooks, a photo montage of the couple and all their family members, their original guest book and wedding album, and a few sentimmental items that have special meaning to them.

A great song to play at a renewal of vows ceremony is "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers. To view the lyrics and to purchase the album or CD, click here.

NOTE: To find the lyrics to your favorite song, search here.

This ceremony can be held anywhere - in a park, garden, on the beach, in a hot air baloon, or in your home with a few close family friends. Use your imagination! Wherever you choose to do at your ceremony, remember that more than the flowers or ribbons or fancy clothes, it is the love in your heart that creates the beauty and magic of Love. After all, it is love that brought and kept you together all these years.

A celebration following the ceremony is optional, but keep in mind that friends and family want to share this special day with you. The gathering can be anything from a brunch to a party with food and music.

What loving words will the ceremony contain? Maybe you would like to say the same vows you did originally? Or, perhaps this is your chance to really express how you feel about the love of your life in front of the people who are most important to you both.

One couple from Las Vegas renewed their wedding vows in a hot air balloon!

Larry James will be happy to offer additional ideas for you to consider and other brief ceremonies that could be included. To view a renewal ceremony you can use as a template to create your very own, click here. This is your day. . . you get to say!

Special Note for Husbands:  Call Larry James to receive assistance in planning a very special "surprise" renewal of vows ceremony for your wife. An anniversary is a great time for a special surprise! Call: 480-205-3694.

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